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At the Institute for Cultural Curators, we are dedicated to leveraging the transformative power of art to enrich and connect individuals from all walks of life. As a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization, our goal is to curate and present meaningful art experiences that foster cultural understanding and inspire lifelong learning. We are proud to have a board of directors comprised of both active duty and veteran military members, who collectively possess over 20 years of combined service in the U.S. military. Through our exhibitions, events, and programs, we strive to promote cross-cultural dialogue, provide access to high-quality art experiences, and support artists from diverse backgrounds. Come join us on a journey of exploration and discovery as we celebrate the power of art to inspire and connect us all.



Our mission is to educate and inspire individuals of all ages and backgrounds through the curation and presentation of thought-provoking and meaningful cultural art experiences that foster cultural understanding and enrichment.

Our vision is to foster a world where cultural art is celebrated, appreciated, and
understood by all. We strive to be a leading organization in the study and education of
cultural art, providing diverse and inclusive opportunities for people to engage with and
learn from different forms of artistic expression. Through our efforts, we envision a world
where cultural art is not only preserved but also inspires creativity, innovation, and a
deeper appreciation for the human experience.

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